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Justin Redd

Owner / CrossFit L1 Trainer

Justin comes from an athletic background having played baseball, basketball and football throughout his youth. With Justin’s athletic background and competitive nature he found a natural liking towards CrossFit and in 2012 began his CrossFit journey in northern California. He has the knowledge and enthusiasm for seeing athletes grow that enable him to be an effective CrossFit coach.

CrossFit for him personally has helped him to improve his fitness level and overall health. Transforming him from an out of shape former collegiate athlete into a fitness professional. He’s always looking for ways to help make people better.

Coach Beka

Beka Carson

General Manager / CrossFit L1 Trainer

As the Head Coach and Manager of CrossFit O4W, Beka is a seasoned, veteran coach with more than four years CrossFit experience. A Georgia native, Beka has always led an active lifestyle. Growing up in rural Juliette, Beka played tennis, competed in gymnastics, and participated in Dressage equestrian competition.

With her athletic and gymnastic background, Beka became interested in and tried out a CrossFit bootcamp in Atlanta in 2010. The rest was history. She went on to obtain her Level 1 CrossFit Certification and hasn’t stopped coaching since. She loves competing and has seen action in several CrossFit competitions, including Garage Games One and has attended post-certification classes specializing in Gymnastics and Paleo Nutrition. Since getting her Level 1 Certification, her love and care for the sport and the people she coaches has grown every day.


Tirzah White

Coach / CrossFit L1 Trainer

Tirzah was introduced to CrossFit during her time as a “Lemon” …Lululemon that is. She has always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and looking for new ways of challenging herself. Growing up she was on the track team ,enjoyed the competitive atmosphere and she found that familiar atmosphere in CrossFit. Post high school/college she dabbled in kickboxing, kettlebell classes, bootcamps, bikram yoga, you name it. Then she met CrossFit and they’ve been dating ever since.

For Tirzah, CrossFit was a source of empowerment. Over time she went from sucky squats to being able to squat her body weight, being intimidated by the pull up bar to enjoying pullups and admiring those shin bruises with each deadlift.  It’s truly amazing what the body is capable of doing if you give it the space and time to explore new things. While she has and will always have a ton of things to learn and experience as a coach/athlete, she’s looking forward to the journey and sharing with others!

Coach Tiernan

Tiernan Phillips


Tiernan was always a naturally skinny person. Back in 2006, at 5’11”, he started college at a whopping 130 lbs. Tiernan could barely lift his own body weight. Throughout college, he spent his days doing chest/tricep, back/bicep and shoulders days.

Coach Kyle

Kyle Hiddleson


Kyle started training martial arts on a whim when he started at Georgia Tech, and that whim lead to a hundred other decisions that have come to define his life. A decade as a competitive martial artist, training 30 hours a week in half a dozen different martial arts, and several years as an instructor of those arts has taught him more than a few important things about fitness and the human body, and each one is an integral part of what is now his approach to CrossFit. The most paramount of those lessons is that, almost without fail, a person’s body is capable of far more than they give it credit. Whether you are getting kicked in the head and fighting for consciousness or fighting for breath while getting slapped around by that second round of Fran–because you have trained it to, your body will be there to do all you can will it to. A fact that he proves to himself year after year fighting through injury.

His time with martial arts has brought him plenty of injury, including more than a handful of broken bones, but in 2009, after breaking his back for the second time, he had a surgery that put him out of commission for a full year. He picked up CrossFit, on another whim, coming off of that relatively major reconstructive back surgery, and it has turned out to be another one of those chance decisions to redefine how his life turns out. Beyond finding an arena in which he can push himself to his absolute limits, in CrossFit he has found an amazing community of people who he considers friends and family. He has a profound level of enjoyment for teaching people how to feel physically better and become stronger, and CrossFit gives him yet another outlet to share that with people.

Coach Mike

Mike Shoeing


Bio coming soon…