THURSDAY 10.23.14 | CrossFit Old 4th Ward

828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE #W4, Atlanta, GA 30306
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THURSDAY 10.23.14

THURSDAY 10.23.14

THURSDAY 10.23.14


Banded bench press: 10 x 3
Rest 30 seconds between sets


Skill: kipping


Work: 100 plate flips
25 3 point GHD sit ups


As many rounds as possible in 15 mins: 
5 Pull Ups + n*[10/5]
10 Push Ups + n*[10/5]
15 Squats + n*[10/5]

Start with just body weight, and add [10/5]lbs each round. All movements should be kept as strict as possible for as long as possible. For scaling if you hit your heaviest weight for one movement, stay at that weight for that movement while continuing to increase the other movements.

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