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What is CrossFit

What is CrossFit

Here at CrossFit O4W our workouts are based upon constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. In achieving optimal fitness we employ weight training, gymnastics and endurance conditioning methods to achieve our individual fitness goals. All of our workouts are scalable to meet each individual athletes need. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle or compete at an advanced level, there is spot for you at O4W CrossFit. Our programs are designed to develop individual goals and set you on a path to achieve those goals.


Constant variation means changing your workout every time. Routine is the enemy of true fitness. The more consistent your routine is, the less likely you are prepared for the unexpected things life throws at us. In our programming we use weight training, gymnastics and endurance conditioning in as many combinations as possible to help prepare us for anything we may encounter in the real world.


Functional Movements are what we encounter and use every day. These movements are naturally occurring in life and it’s what our bodies were meant to do. CrossFit workouts use functional movements because they are helpful in preparing us for other facets of life.


Intensity is the key element in fitness that tells us how fast we get work done. Our workouts are focused on increasing the amount of work we complete while decreasing the amount of time taken to do the work. We use these and benchmarks to monitor and track improvements made in the gym.